What are you missing if you don’t use spatial information and spatial capabilities

What are you missing if you don't use spatial information and spatial capabilities?

How to enrich your data easily, safely and costly with spatial data and technology.

I may be biased because I just love what I do and I’m pretty sure those who don’t use location and spatial analysis technologies are simply missing out.


Almost everything has something to do with location.
By some estimates more than 2.5 Quintillion  bytes of data (2.5 million terabytes!) are created by people every day, about  80% of it includes a reference to location. 🤯


It is hard (for me) to imagine how today it is possible to analyze information, 

make business decisions and develop applications without using spatial functions information. Without being able to know how to answer the question:



I am sure that using location technologies can bring immediate and long-term benefit to anyone who implements them.
Even if at first glance you might ask yourself:


“What do I need it for? What will it even give me?”

So, as for the answer…


Until very recently (only about 15 years ago) we would still go out driving with a printed road atlas, 🗺️ or with a special device we bought or rented with GPS and digital map.


🛰️ Today it is hard to imagine life without cell phones and GPS.


Location technology has changed how we live; this is just one example.


Suppose your organization or your day-to-day work does not use spatial information and spatial capabilities. In that case, it is almost like navigating without an app, or at best, with a road atlas.


If you implement location technologies and use spatial data you can get with a relatively little effort, at least:


1️⃣ Enriching your current data (i.e customers, suppliers, competitors, etc.)

2️⃣ Accuracy and cost savings in marketing or strategic campaigns

3️⃣Innovation in the organization or for adding new features in your product, adding a new dimension to your analysis and dashboards.

4️⃣Your employees such as analysts, programmers, DBA’s will learn new and fascinating abilities and the sales and operations personnel will receive significant assistance to meet their goals.

missing piece.pexels-ann-h

By implementing spatial technology and spatial data, you can know:


  1. Where your competitors are
  2. Where the potential customers are
  3. Why some of your customers had abandoned your company
  4. Where you should open a new or potential location.

How do you do that? How complex and expensive is it?💸

Today, it is easily applicable, and can be implemented in a quick, inexpensive way using the existing infrastructure of the organization:

☁️ Most databases and cloud platforms already include spatial functions, some of them even also have open and available global spatial information.

Most of the BI, CRM, ERP systems also include the ability to read and display spatial data and maps can be embedded in them and expand the analysis capabilities.


The 5 easy steps to implement Spatial Technology are:

  1. A quick analysis of the requirements and the data for the organization
  2. Downloading or connecting to an open/commercial spatial data API
  3. Loading/updating the existing database and then enriching your data
  4. Applying spatial functions on the data and analyze it.
  5. View and embed the outputs in any way you choose (dashboard, Excel, map)

👌 The bottom line: It will be a shame to miss the spatial dimension, it’s not complex to implement and the value can be enormous.

If you need help, we will be happy to assist…🙂

I’m Ran Tzkhori, a Geo-Spatial data and Spatial systems expert.

We help organizations find fast answers with the aid of spatial data and spatial SQL in their existing or new systems in house or in the cloud.

If you need advice, don’t hesitate to reach me.⬆️


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