What are the most wanted datasets for data enrichment?

What are the most wanted datasets for data enrichment?

How to enrich your data easily, safely and costly with spatial data and technology

Data enrichment is a strategic process of enhancing existing datasets with additional, relevant information.

In the last post, I wrote about data enrichment and how to do it.

Here we will talk about the most wanted data sets to enrich your data, and why it is so important to get them. We will see how it all connects and how to implement it.

Those are the most wanted data sets for data enrichment:

1️⃣Demographic Data:

  • Age, gender, income, education, and occupation information.

  • Marital status, family size, and household composition.

2️⃣Geographic Data:

  • Location-based data, including addresses, postal codes, and coordinates.

  • Regional information such as neighborhood, city, state, country, and proximity to amenities.

3️⃣Firmographic Data:

  • Business-related data, including industry, company size, revenue, and location.

  • Information about decision-makers and key contacts within organizations.

4️⃣ Behavioural Data:

  • Customer preferences, purchase history, locations, and patterns.

5️⃣ Social Media Data:

  • Insights from social media platforms

  • User-generated content that provides additional context about customers.

If we look at all of the datasets we can see one common thing for almost all of them: Location.📌

In today’s data-driven landscape, the strategic power of geo-enriched data is unparalleled. Why incorporating location-based insights is crucial for organizational success:

📏Precision in Customer Understanding: Geo-enrichment provides nuanced insights, incorporating regional preferences and behaviors. It empowers businesses to tailor offerings with pinpoint location-specific precision.

🎯Targeting Excellence with Location Data: The fusion of geographic and firmographic data enables unparalleled targeting, ensuring finely tuned marketing initiatives that yield optimal results in specific geographies.

🧭  Informed Decision-Making with Location Context: Enriched data, especially with geographic insights, becomes a compass for informed decisions, allowing organizations to navigate complexities and forecast trends with spatial context.

if your organization data is already spatial (i.e. with coordinates) you can easily integrate and enrich it with those datasets.  Most of them are open, just download them (or use api, if it exists). You can use Spatial SQL functions in your existing database of the organization, and your data is enriched!

What to do next? You can use it in campaigns, analyze it, and even take the next phase with Location intelligence and use Spatial SQL to answer questions and give insights  which you couldn’t do before.

If you need help, we will be happy to assist…🙂

I’m Ran Tzkhori, a Geo-Spatial data and Spatial systems expert.

We help organizations find fast answers with the aid of spatial data and spatial SQL in their existing or new systems in house or in the cloud.

If you need advice, don’t hesitate to reach me.⬆️

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