In today's world,

Location is everything.

Location intelligence & data solutions

Location is everything. Discover how your business can be improved by utilizing
location intelligence technology and data to solve business issues.

In today's world,

Location is everything.

Location intelligence & data solutions

Location is everything. Discover how your business can be improved by utilizing
location intelligence technology and data to solve business issues.

Problem & Solution

In the world we live in, it’s all about location. We need to know where the customers, employees or resources of the business are at any given moment. How to plan the shortest and most efficient route from place to place in order to save on logistics costs; where is the best location to open a new business; how to target customers by location; and what to do when it is necessary to improve a courier’s  route …
These are just some of the scenarios that location-based technologies and information can address.

Combining location information with the data on which the company relies enables new information insights, answers business questions that previously remain unanswered, streamline and save money. If you’re looking for another way to increase profitability and cut  costs, connecting data and organizational information to the real world and to spatial location may be the key.

Connection between existing data, organizational information, and location-based information and technologies results in:

Costs savings to the company.

Streamlining of business processes, improvements, and shortening of timelines.

Significant business insights that generate additional revenue for the business.

So, whether you're already using location-based solutions or this is the first time you've hearing about it and interested in location solutions, you've come to the right place.

Innovative location technology is here
and there's no reason why not to use it!

Information and location technologies are more available and convenient than ever before. Hundreds of satellites photographing the earth 24/7; advanced AI technologies can quickly identify and analyze landscapes in real time; iOT sensors exist on a myriad of devices, and the location information obtained from them can be rapidly utilized.
You have all this data at your disposal, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use it.

If this is the first time you are interested in location intelligence sector:

You have to ask yourself whether the data in the organization’s systems gives you a real and complete picture? Would you have set off without a map and an exact route? Also in business, without using data and location intelligence, it might be difficult to reach your destination.
Information about the various resources of the organization, how to improve the logistics processes correctly, where the customers and competitors are located, how to reach them, how to identify new markets, etc.

If you already have a GIS system or using location services:

If you already have an existing mapping system or services in your organization – great!
This means that you already recognize the importance of connecting location-based information and technologies to existing enterprise systems. In this case, you should consider whether you are making the most of your system or your existing data.

It is possible to improve existing processes, achieve better organizational results, and improve the net profit line through a new layer of location data, an up-to-date satellite imagery, or the implementation of new location technologies in the business, in a way that will allow it to move forward and reaching destinations faster.

To coordinate a short meeting, for improving current processes with location technologies.
without any obligation


Ran is one of the most experienced experts in location intelligence in Israel and the founder of Mikoom.

He has technical and hands-on experience in location technology, system architecture, analysis and development, training and integration throughout the organization, as well as locating and creating data from globe wide.

Ran has over 20 years in the GIS and location field, with a BA and MA in Geography from the Hebrew University, with several years of experience leading the GIS Systems Department at  Israel’s largest GIS integrator company. In the public sector, Ran has rich experience in the field of digital cartography and development from his years at the Survey of Israel, where he lead national digital mapping projects such as the new Atlas of Israel, national Topographic Map project, design and implementation of the National Map Portal, and more.

Specializing in open source technologies, open data, integration, training and development of complex GIS and spatial data projects.

About the company

Mikoom is a boutique geospatial company specializing
in location and information technologies. We have chosen the best experts for designing, supplying data and developing geospatial and Location solutions and we are trying to bring the amazing Geo-spatial capabilities to all.

The Work Process

A short call in which we will hear about your company’s LBS issues, after which we will propose how existing or new processes can be improved.

Implementation of the proposed process: implementation of a new system or analyzing data, improving & streamlining the business. Adding info & data for enrichment & insights throughout the company

Consulting, training, integrating and improving the architecture meeting company’s challenges.


Training and deployment of innovative tools in the world of location intelligence

The service is designed for customers with existing GIS systems/services and companies interested in integrating them into their business flows for the first time. Agile implementation without licensing costs, immediate improvement is guaranteed.

Consulting & developing solutions in the world of location intelligence

Designed for companies that can use location-based solutions for their ongoing work needs, to save costs. We can assist in development or guiding your teams throughout the process.

Collection, supply and analysis of data and location data

Locating and providing satellite imagery, detailed layers of information worldwide, creating new information using satellite imagery, drones, AI location data from addresses (geocode) Preparing custom maps from commercial/open data, with an emphasis on working over disconnected environments/internal systems.


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Hi There,
I am Ran, Mikoom’s Founder.
I will be happy to answer any question.
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